"Rudi has been my personal trainer for over two years now. His warm and fun-loving nature make the most gruelling workouts enjoyable. I now have a level of endurance and muscle strength which I never had. As a highly trained medical scientist before his career as a fitness instructor, Rudi has a great understanding of the science of health through fitness. In my experience, he has always shown a caring attitude and ability to adjust a program to accommodate injury, age, disability and more. All done with a smile and his catch phrase 'piece of cake'. A big heart, big smile and a thorough professional, I would recommend Rudi to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun at the same time."   ~ JANE COLE (Winston Hills)












"At the ripe old age of 50, I decided it was time to shift some weight and build some muscle tone. The thought of acquiring a PT was something I was unsure of mainly because of shows like The Biggest Loser where PT's push their clients to the brink of death. So when a friend recommended Rudi, I thought 'Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained'. In six months, Rudi has managed to transform my body. I am no Adonis but now I can feel I have stomach muscles and have lost 10 kilos along the way! 

The primary reason for the success is Rudi's unique style of making the training hour fun and entertaining. He works me hard and along the way, there are lots of laughs as well so my cheeks also get a good workout. The sessions are always different: from TRX suspension training to boxing. I never thought I would say this but I actually enjoy my PT sessions and manage to get fit in the process. 

Rudi is also very understanding and extremely personable guy. I recommend Rudi's PT regime 100%!" 












"I moved to Sydney a few years back. With all the great food, my clothes were getting tighter and I knew my level of fitness wasn't flash. I was also getting neck, shoulder and back pain, partly because my core strength and flexibility had gotten so poor.

I was really hesitant about the whole 'personal trainer' thing. But I came across Rudi. He did an assessment with me and we talked about some goals.  We've been working out together for over two years now.  Rudi has been really flexible around my busy work schedule. We also mix up the settings in which we train, it’s great to have the variety.

It's been a gradual but sustained change.  My understanding of nutrition has increased dramatically. My core strength, my general fitness and my coordination have all improved.  My cholesterol has gone down, so the doctor is off my back!  I love the fact that all my clothes fit again and I am not even comfortable wearing a slim fit shirt! Importantly, I’ve got better at managing diet and the training and fitness has become part of life.  Thanks Rudi!"

 ~ ABE McDONALD (Strathfield)  












"I started my journey with Rudi 8 years ago now. All these years later, I feel good about myself and I feel good in clothes. I get compliments and most of all, I have all the tools I need to self-manage when I feel like it or need to.

Prior to this, I was carrying more than 10 kilos extra. I was pear-shaped, had a problem with my self-esteem and was close to giving up. Despite trying very hard myself, I had little strength and nothing seemed to work.

I had a dream in mind: to be proud of my looks by the time I was 40. The difference that appealed to me about Rudi is that he has been where you are. He might even show you his fat photos ! He's a humble man and takes you on a journey. He isn't one of those chain gym personal trainers with perfect bodies who spend more time looking at their iPhones than being interested in you.

If you're expecting a quick fix with the latest trend workouts, you're not going to get it. Instead you're going to learn progressively how to change your life, how your diet is everything and learn how to build strength permanently. So be prepared to work hard, follow his guidance. And slowly but surely, you will see and feel the difference and people will notice a new you. So if you're really serious- put in, give it your all and get on with it!" ~ JAMES APPLETON (Sydney)












"I've known Rudi for the past 5 years and I am so happy with his style of training. He has always been a great and cheerful trainer and really focuses on what you would like to achieve. My strength, physique and fitness have all improved. I started with one session a week but I enjoyed it so much that I added more and more sessions. Rudi is wonderful in every aspect of training and health, and is always a pleasure to workout with. A trainer like him is rare to come by. I'm currently overseas and I haven't found anyone like him. I enjoyed my training sessions with him and I truly miss them! I highly recommend Rudi as a trainer." ~ ANGELA TANTIMONACO (Sydney)












"I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to Rudi for his service as a personal trainer. My first thought of a trainer was one of simply being told what to do and be supervised during training. But Rudi goes beyond that in explaining so many issues involved with personal fitness and health. 

I look forward to my workout sessions and yet could easily avoid it if it wasn't for Rudi's exceptional and helpful attitude. Rudi is a real gem and a great person to know. He really has helped me and I highly recommend his service." ~ BRUCE CAREY (Kellyville)














"In 2012, I made the decision to invest in myself and start to become healtheir. This would not be possible without the help of Rudi. He has been a great personal trainer trainer in supporting my training objectives.  Rudi helped me achieve my goals in attaining balance in my personal and professional life by motivating and challenging me to push myself to the limits and reach new heights. He is able to provide workouts that tailor towards my needs within my busy schedule. During the course of working with him, I saw significant results in areas of strength, flexibility and endurance. I am now in better shape than I have ever been, and I have more energy to power through my day. I would not hesitate to recommend Rudi to anyone who is looking to get into shape and become healthier."

~ JEMWEL DANAO (Quakers Hill)